Self-Care Coaching

Coaching with Sandra

My small group coaching program opens in January, May, and September, or I take 1:1 clients at any time. 

I work with committed women to implement self-care practices into daily life.  

We work through de-stressing, mind-body scanning, relationships, sleep,  nutrition, movement, and much more!

In addition to over 500 hours of yoga teacher training as well as a certified meditation teacher, I am a Level 1 Coach and Level 2 Master Coach through Precision Nutrition and a Women's Coaching Specialist through Girls Gone Strong.

6 month commitment

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perfect for women who...

are tired of following rules, meal plans, and workout routines that aren't sustainable.

want to move more and move better, no matter what shape you're in now.

searching for balance with food, movement and life as an act of self-care and ready to ditch guilt and shame.

ready to gain confidence and no longer hiding your gifts and talents.

madison hanna

lifestyle + business coach