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Who We Are

our purpose

We offer yoga for all bodies and experience levels. We feel that everyone can benefit from coming to your mat and connecting to your breath, your mind, and your body and building a deeper connection with yourself.

It does not matter your shape, size, or whether or not you can touch your toes, bend, or twist. You are welcome as you are.

We offer a variety of classes and have classes 7 days a week. We are a new studio and as we grow, so will our schedule.

In addition to yoga, twice a year we coaching for self-care that includes movement, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and mindfulness, empowering each person to find their balance.

Finding Balance offers a safe space to allow individuals to connect to their body, mind, and community..

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our vision

How many of you can’t stand a magic trick until you understand every element behind the illusion?
Let's take you behind the scenes of the Finding Balance logo magic. 

Our logo was created by a wonder friend, June Lin, who said:
“It is built from overlapping circles and brings the compass to mind. It’s perfect for a provider whose services help people find their way to balance.”
When she presented this to me I instantly loved it because it was a perfect representation.
To me, everything outside of the center (compass) represents "noise". The noise of:
-the do's and don'ts of movement
-food rules of don't eat this/eat that/it's okay just not too much
-busier is better
-stay quiet
-be loud
-don't let them see you cry/struggle/fall
-have your shit together
My vision is to help people find their balance. Where everything comes together and we find our inner compass and let it guide us, blurring out the noise.
💕Being connected and authentic with others.
🤗Feeling supported and like you "belong".
🥰Feeling a sense of meaning and purpose in life.
🤓Being focused and thoughtful. Learning, remembering, and solving problems well.
🤩Feeling vibrant, energized, and thriving.
🗣Experiencing your emotions and expressing them appropriately.
🌱Knowing your everyday surroundings support your health and wellbeing.

madison hanna

lifestyle + business coach