Your first visit to Finding Balance Yoga is a big deal, whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner. Expect a warm welcome, experienced instructors, a pristine environment, and a variety of class options. In our studio, it's all about your wellness success and building up community, and everyone plays a part in creating a harmonious space.

Let’s get acquainted! Here is everything you need to know for an amazing experience at Finding Balance Yoga.


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Booking classes

We recommend booking classes prior to arrival; however, you are always welcome to drop in at the last minute!

Schedule -
We have a variety of classes to choose from at a variety of times throughout the day. We highly recommend using your membership to attend a variety of classes and meet different teachers to find out what fits your wellness goals best! If you like a particular class, time, and/or teacher, your attendance is your vote for that class! We will be updating the schedule every quarter.

Ability levels-
All of our classes are all levels, and our instructors are excellent at providing modifications for students, whether you’re completely new to yoga, advanced, or have an injury.

Class cancellations and no-shows-
We realize that sometimes things come up and cancelling in advance is unavoidable; however, it is recommended that if you need to cancel a booked class, you do so with a minimum of one (1) hour of your booked class. Instructors have lovingly prepared their classes, and we are all about respect for the craft. Additionally, cancelling in advance ensures space for other students and allows your instructor to prepare appropriately for class size. Class pack holders or drop-ins that are a no-show will lose a class pass.

Follow these helpful guidelines when attending class:

    Wear comfortable clothes that breathe and allow you to move freely.

    Avoid eating a heavy meal 1 to 2 hours before practice.

    Avoid perfumes and scents; essential oils are welcome.

    Bring your yoga mat and a water bottle. We have bolsters, blankets, blocks, eye pillows, and straps to lend, along with a limited number of yoga mats. We also have a water cooler for cold water, and a tea station for before and after class. ♥️

    We are not a hot yoga studio so towels are not required.

    Arrive early. Doors open 10 minutes before class starts. 

Preparing for class

Arriving at the studio

Your class experience

After class

Cancelling a class

Most of all...

We are in the same complex as Rio Grande Tex-Mex. We are located between Highlights Family Dentistry and Paw Haven Animal Hospital.

We have plenty of parking! You can park anywhere in the parking lot.

Arrival time:
Arrive  about 10 minutes prior to the start of class to give yourself time to set up. The doors close at class start times and will not be opened to late arrivals for safety reasons and to respect the space and everyone's class experience.

Setting up:
When you enter, you can place your shoes in the bench and we have a shelf for keys, purses, and phones. Lay out your mat, grab your props, and use the restroom. Grab a tea if you have time.
The restroom is located in the back of the studio to the right. and the water fountain is in the back on the left.

We have all. the props you will need for your yoga classes. We recommend bringing your own yoga mat but we do have some to lend for no charge.

Adjustment cards:
Instructors may offer hands-on adjustments during class. If so, they will remind you to grab a consent card, which you can place at the top of your mat. This lets instructors know whether you are open or not to hands-on adjustments while in a pose.
Connect with your instructor

If you have any physical limitations, injuries, are pregnant, or have sensitivities to incense, please let your instructor know. This information will allow them to work with you on modifications and adjustments and to make the space pleasant for all.

In every yoga class, honor your body's unique rhythm. If you ever feel overwhelmed, please listen to your body, mind, and spirit and take a seat or lie down, reconnect with your breath, and rejoin when ready. Child’s Pose is an excellent pose to use when reconnecting with yourself. Embrace poses that resonate and modify or skip those that don't. Just commit to staying for the entire class.

Build community: 
We encourage you to grab a tea 🍵 and chat with other students and the instructor--start to build your yoga community! Your instructor will be available after class to answer any questions you may have.

Returning props:
After class, please put away your props. We have mat cleaner if you would like to clean off your mat. We have 70% alcohol to use on blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps.  Blankets are regularly taken offsite to be washes and are sanitized with alcohol in the meantime. 

Practicing yoga regularly enables you to maintain a healthy habit. Commit to your wellbeing! That said, we know things happen at the last minute, so:

If you need to cancel a booked class, use the Walla app.

We require at least 45 minutes notice to cancel a booked class--more time is better. As mentioned above, cancelling with notice allows space for other students to attend and for your instructor to prepare for class size.

Our studio is a space for rest, rejuvenation, wellness, and comfort. THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining our community! The best way to get the most value out of your membership with us is to attend two to three classes per week, experiencing the variety of styles and instructors. Give yourself the gift of wellness! ✨🌟

If you have any questions at all, please contact Sandra Moreland, founder and owner at

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