Beginners Classes

Many of our classes are beginner friendly!  They are indicated on our schedule with a (B).

In these classes,  you will be led through common yoga poses, given alignment cues, suggestions for modifications, and demonstration for poses.  

The Asanas (movements) are often repetitive and done at a slower pace to help beginners become familiar and comfortable.

Beginner friendly classes can be done by experienced yogis, too!  You're welcome to modify any of the poses to fit your ability.

Beginners Series

Our small group Beginners Series is perfect for those who are new to yoga or would like a refresher.

We offer a safe space to explore yoga poses and learn how to "flow". We meet once per week for 4 weeks.

4 hour course

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Learn common yoga postures (Yoga Asana) and modifications

Introduce yoga props and how to use them

Learn and practice Sun Salutations

Become familiar with various styles of Yoga Asana

Learn and practice breathing techniques

Discuss yoga tradition, philosophy, and paths of yoga

Price: $79

Beginners Kits

kits include
1 - yoga mat
1 - yoga block
1 - yoga strap

Price: $34

Get your own personal mat, block, and strap that you can use anywhere!

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