I have a husband, three teenagers, and two dogs.

I am a Texas girl who grew up moving all over the state, but Hutto has been home since 2000!

I began practicing yoga just a few years ago after it was recommended to me by my physical therapist who I was seeing for various aches and pains.

It was so different than anything I had done before. I had done bootcamps, CrossFit, running, kickboxing... and if it wasn't intense, it didn't count.

With yoga there was this sense of calm. It was a different energy. I could just be. I didn't have to push harder or go faster. I was encouraged to pay attention to how I felt and move in ways that felt good. 

I am an RTY-200 yoga teacher. I teach movement, breathwork, and mindfulness.

I am a master level certified Level 2 coach through Precision Nutrition, the largest, and most respected private nutrition coaching and education company in the world.

I am also a certified Women's Coaching Specialist through Girls Gone Strong. GGS is the industry's top certification for health and fitness professionals who work with women and I'm equipped to coach women through every stage of life.

I help moms who have spent years putting themselves last to reconnect to their self-awareness, find balance by eating, moving and living in a way that promotes self-care without dieting, guilt or shame.


I am a mother of 3 daughters, a wife, and fur mom!

I am originally from Colorado and love living in Round Rock! I enjoy the outdoors, hiking and paddle boarding!

I’ve been practicing yoga for 8 years for my own healing and growth, and during that time, I realized I could help others through their own journeys.

I’m certified in Barre, Lagree and received my 200hr YTT from Soul Strong Yoga. I also have my certification in Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy from Sundara here in Austin. This combined with individual therapy has really made an impact on my collective quality of life!
Knowing that I’m a part of someone’s growth and journey to healing or self betterment fills up my soul, and I hope to teach others pass on what has helped them grow in the process.


I am a Houston gal, born and raised, and have been living in Pflugerville since 2016.

I am a Wife, Mother to a teen, tween and Flaca the chihuahua.

Why yoga? Well, if you know me, you know I am always spraining my ankle. Once upon a time, after one of those ankle sprains, I tried yoga. Guess what? I felt better after a few classes. Why? Even with my ankle injuries, I found that yoga often made me feel better. It met me right where I was, and I never had to push myself into further injury.

Fast forward to YTT, and I discovered that yoga was more than just a series of postures. I learned (and continue to learn) how to incorporate the eight limbs of yoga into my daily routine.

My goal is to carry over every breath that leads me on the mat into my everyday life and to lead you to the same. Emotions, big and tiny, happy and sad, wild and calm, and sometimes all of these in one day, are under my control!

Join me in learning, breathing and growing together.


I’m a mother of 2 humans, 3 dogs, a couple of cats, some ducks and lots of chickens. I was born and raised in Austin and now my husband, daughter and I live in the country just north of Georgetown.

As a yoga instructor I believe in making yoga accessible for anyone who wants to practice. Classes provide an opportunity for people to connect and love themselves through movement, breath work and meditation.

Yoga and meditation have been a cornerstone in my mental wellness journey for the last 15 years ago. I’ve experienced the benefits of yoga in body, mind and spirit and I want to share the tools I’ve learned with others .

I received my 200hr YTT from Soul Strong Yoga and I’m currently taking meditation and breathwork classes from Soul Strong as well.


I am a military spouse to my sailor husband. We have three children and one fur baby.

Our family just moved to Hutto, Texas in the Spring of 2021. After living on the East Coast for the last seven years, I'm thrilled to be back in my home state of Texas.

I have practiced yoga for fifteen years. Since receiving my 200YTT in Virginia Beach with National Yoga Academy in 2015, I've enjoyed teaching and sharing with others how yoga provides a grounded sense of self.

No matter how much time has passed since my last practice, I am always welcomed to the mat. I am always able to find my balance again. Through meditation, yoga, breath work and patience, I am able to find my equilibrium.


I am originally from Syracuse NY and moved to Austin with my family in 2017. Eventually settling in Round Rock with my husband, son and two giant cats. Other than yoga I enjoy hiking, being by water or anything involving music.

I started practicing yoga 4 years ago as part of my mental health and healing journey. Yoga taught me that we are all stronger and capable of things we may not think possible. Deciding I wanted to share this with others I signed up for teacher training, and received my 200hr YTT from Soul Strong Yoga.

One of my favorite parts yoga is that, like life, it is a journey. Everyday is different and can hold opportunities to learn. I apply this to my classes, offering building blocks towards goal poses, props and variations.

My classes offer a safe space to move, breathe and be as you are.


Jackie is a native Houstonian who began to practice yoga in 2017.

She didn’t have an athletic background, but there was something about yoga that would bring her back to the mat.

In 2021, she completed her 300 hour YTT certification in Power Flow. She has taught yoga classes in English and Spanish to nearby communities.

In her classes, Jackie does her best to accommodate everyone by offering layers and variations for all levels of yogis.


Shira completed her Meditation Instructor certification from Chopra Global in May 2019.

She is a regular meditator and an experienced teacher. She has a deep desire to promote wholesome well-being and expanded awareness among all of us who are ready to tune in.

Her classes honor each student, respect the true being you represent, and help to bring about a union of the mind,- body-spirit multi-dimensionality within you. You will learn to streamline the energies for living a fulfilling life.

As you embark on this journey, you will carry with you a sense of harmony, peace, balance, and joy of being


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